SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP: Date, Price, A Complete Overview

Samhi Hotels IPO

The SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP an important hotel owner and worker, issued its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The Samhi IPO was launched on September 14, 2023, and on September 18, 2023, there is a formula of a new question and a suggestion for sale. SAMHI Hotels IPO is a book-made issue of Rs 1,370.10 crores. had different lot sizes for retail, small HNIs, and big HNIs. Retail investors had a small lot size of 119 shares, requiring a ₹14,9941 investment. 

IPO Structure and Financials

SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP prepared as a book-made question, with the value of the group set between ₹119 to ₹126 per share. The issue invalidates a new problem of 95,238,095 shares, collected to ₹1,200.00 crores, and an offer for sale of 13,500,000 shares, collected to ₹170.10 crores. The company expects to apply the profits from the fresh issue for debt refund, which would improve its balance sheet and care plan.

By speaking of its debt tasks, SAMHI Hotels expects to improve its success and make value for its owners.

SAMHI Hotels IPO: Objectives of the Issue

SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP is a proud player in the Indian hotel corporation, launching its IPO with complete objectives in mind. The company expects to grow funds done a mix of fresh questions and suggestions for sale. The net profits from the problem used for the next resolutions:

Payment of Approvals: An important share of the profits will be used to repay, prepay, or exchange, in full or part, sure supports present by the company and its resources. This takes in the payment of interest grown on these borrowings.

General Corporate Purpose: The funds are due for general corporate resolutions, which may include plan original, growth plans, and active products.

Grey Market Performance (GMP)

The grey market exposes helpful snow toward SAMHI Hotels shares, with a Grey Market Premium (GMP) of ₹351. This best quality suggests that the market expects the shares to list at a higher price than the high end of the price group. The GMP is an unofficial dial of the market hope and can swipe based on many factors, including investor market conditions.

SAMHI Hotels IPO Lot Overviews

The Samhi Hotels IPO offers different small lot sizes for retail investors and unofficial investors, such as small and big HNIs with High Net value Persons. Here is a short time overview:

Retail Investors: The small market lot size for people investing was 119 shares, which is important for a small investment of ₹14,9941. This allows retail investors to join in the IPO without an important financial block.

Small HNIs (s-HNI): For small HNIs, the small lot size was 14 lots, which equates to 1,666 shares.

Big HNIs (b-HNI): Big HNIs had a higher small lot size of 67 lots, translating to 7,973 shares. So, the small investment for b-HNIs was ₹1,004,598 Think of checking the IPO proofs for the small lot size and the amount of saving important for your investor group before applying.

Subscription and List

The payment status on the IPO re-claims a strong interest in various investor types The issue stood paid in many times, with importance from Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs), Non-Institutional Investors (NIIs), Retail Individual Investors (RIIs). The shares were recorded on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) on September 22, 2023, marking a new chapter for SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP as an open import company.

How to Apply SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP

To apply for the SAMHI Hotels IPO, you can follow these steps:

ASBA via Bank Account: You can also apply online by going to the official website of ASBA Application Support by Block Amount service present in your bank account. After you Log in to your online bank account. Then find the Samhi Hotel IPO click on the saving section and submit your form.

ASBA via UPI: If you wish to use UPI, you can apply done your trader platform by choosing the UPI option through the application process.

 Offline Form: Then you can fill out the offline form of Samhi Hotels IPO gmp application form open through your advisor and submit it.


Samhi Hotels IPO GMP, an important event of the Indian hotels sector, is released for subscription from September 14 to September 18, 2023. Structured as a book-built issue, it offered shares at a price range of ₹119 to ₹126. The company plans to use the funds for responsibility refunds, improve the balance sheet, and support future growth plans. The Grey Market Premium (GMP) details a helpful go and towards.

Samhi Hotels IPO GMP shares suggest the possibility for items at on higher price than the high end of the price group. Samhi Hotels IPO had different lot sizes for retail, small HNIs, and big HNIs. Retail investors had a small lot size of 119 shares, requiring a ₹14,9941 investment. Small HNIs had a 14 lot small, equal to 1,666 shares, and a ₹209,9161 investment. Big HNIs had a 67 lot, equal to 7,973 shares, and a ₹1,004,598 investment. To apply, investors can use ASBA with their bank account or UPI, or fill out an offline form with their broker.

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