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Mobisafar login

In India, access to technology is still limited to the upper and middle classes, with the lower classes remaining disconnected from it. This includes not just the financial difficulties they encounter but also unresolved network and other technological concerns in rural locations. Therefore, the topic of discussion for today is Mobisafar Login, a website effort that continuously aims to close the gap between the computer community and the underprivileged. To give you a better understanding of the platform, we will go into great depth about MobiSafar Login as well as its other features. 

Known About MobiSafar

MobiSafar Service Private Limited, often known as MobiSafar, is an Indian company with its headquarters located in Ludhiana. It provides a range of services. Among these include banking, bill payment, insurance, recharging, travel, and excursions. The platform’s network agents reach more than ten thousand sites nationwide, and it maintains ties with over ten Indian banks. Users of this platform may access several services in one place by using the MobiSafar Login. Above all, it has about 267999 active agents and employs nearly 500 individuals. In addition, they get around 152769 transactions in terms of transaction data per day.

Process to Register at MobiSafar

Using MobiSafar’s services requires users to complete the platform’s registration process. You must also fulfill the eligibility criteria, which include owning a business and being older than 18 years old, to complete the registration process. Then follow the given below step to register on the website:-

  • You must first open any “browser” of your choice and utilize the same style as the official website.
  • To get straight to the signup page, you may also touch this link:
  • Upon accessing the registration page, you will see several input areas where you must enter the requested information.
  • Your full name, email address, phone number, state, district, pin code, and description will all be included in this data. 
  • To finish the registration procedure, you must hit the button after entering the necessary information. 
  • The login credentials will be sent to your registered email address and cellphone number after the registration procedure is complete. 
  • If you would want to start this procedure from scratch, you may give 9877498776 a call.

Process for MobiSafar Login

You must finish the MobiSafar Login after completing the platform’s registration procedure to access your account. You may get into your lonely account fast by following the MobiSafar Agent Loin process listed below. 

  • To use a device to access the platform, you must tap to launch your favorite “Browser”. 
  • Find the official MobiSafar Agent Login website right now by using the search box. 
  • Once you are in the platform’s main dashboard, click the “partner login” option on the right side of the screen. 
  • When you select that option, a new page will appear seeking the necessary data. 
  • In the provided input areas, type your login ID, password, and the captcha code that appears.
  • To finish the MobiSafar Login Process, you must click the “Login” button after accurately providing all the requested information. 

Various Services Provided by Mobisafar Login

By offering a wide range of services, Mobisafar Login has ensured that its consumers are satisfied and that the platform can grow significantly in terms of both user base and audience diversity. To provide you with a better understanding of the platform, we have briefly discussed some of the best services. 

  • Suryoday Banking CSP: This service ensures that the platform reaches every nook of India. Additionally, they are successfully able to offer financial services to the residents of even the most impoverished areas of the nation. 
  • Banking Services: Users may transfer money or cash with ease thanks to this platform’s banking services. All you have to do is bring cash to any of the MobiSafar branches that are closest to you, or you may choose a merchant business. Once you fill out the necessary information, you can transfer your money with ease and success. 
  • Tour & Travel: This may be a trip saver for you because, in most cases, the difficulty of locating a reliable ticketing website causes us to postpone our travel plans. However, this platform allows you to select your favorite seat in addition to booking your tickets. 
  • Bill Payment: This site, which is a part of the Bharat Bill Payment System, allows you to pay a variety of invoices. You have a variety of billing choices, including those for gas, electricity, food, and other services. 
  • Insurance: This internet feature, which provides you with an overview of all the many types of motorbike insurance, is arguably the most unusual one available. Above all, you are not limited to any certain car type while using this platform to obtain auto insurance of any sort.

Benefits of Mobisafar Login 

When you use the MobiSafar to access the services offered by the platform, you not only receive the services but also unlock a multitude of advantages. 

  • The platform’s onboarding process is really simple and fast.
  • Because the platform interfaces with a reputable payment processor, it is safe to use. 
  • When it comes to transaction success, the website scores highly. 
  • It has skilled relationship managers and top-notch customer support. 


Mobisafar Login was founded with the ambitious goal of giving everyone in society access to technology, even those who are impoverished or unable to own cell phones. People may effortlessly make payments throughout the nation via this platform. Access to all of your plans and invoices is possible with this platform. In addition, you may pay all of your bills with ease and without using a variety of different applications. Now, visit this wonderful platform to make use of these services along with credibility without further delay.


Why was MobiSafar started?

MobiSafar was initiated to provide inclusive access to technology across all sectors of society, especially targeting those who are deprived or cannot afford smartphones. It aims to facilitate easy payments throughout the country and streamline bill payments and plans without needing multiple apps.

How can I contact MobiSafar for assistance?

For assistance or inquiries, you can reach out to MobiSafar through their customer support channels provided on their website or through their contact number: 9877498776.

Is MobiSafar available nationwide?

Yes, MobiSafar has a wide network spanning over ten thousand locations throughout India, ensuring accessibility to its services across the nation.

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